JetMedia offers theatrical lighting equipment & atmospherics at affordable rates for dance studios, community & professional theatre groups. Maintained and serviced locally, all equipment is inspected before and after each rental, so you can trust that it will work night after night.

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Lighting Console Rental Packages

ETC Ion 1000


The ease, power and operational style of larger Eos®-family products in a small, affordable package. Ion's compact footprint - only 19" wide- is the perfect solution for space-challenged environments and small venues. Providing fully integrated control of media servers and conventional, LED, and moving lights, Ion® packs a punch. Highly intuitive and simple to use, Ion will satisfy the needs of beginners and pros alike. But you don't need a PhD in Ion to use it! Start with the everyday (channel 5 at full) and let the full potential of Ion - like the powerful effects package, marking and timing functions - unfold with your experience. And it's an easy step from Ion to Gio® or Eos Ti™, so the knowledge gained will work for you professionally for years to come.

Rental Package Includes: Ion 1000 with Road Case & (2) 21" Widescreen Touchscreen Monitors

Rent Our ETC Ion Starting At $225 per week!

ETC Nomad Dongle & Gadget II Package

ETC Nomad Dongle

Hopping from gig to gig and can't bring your console with you? Doing the lighting in a venue whose desk has seen better days? That's where ETCnomad™ control comes in. Small enough to fit on your keychain, ETCnomad plugs into your computer and opens up the power of both Cobalt® and Eos®/Element™ software, so you can program and run shows anywhere.

Rental Package Includes: 512 Output Dongle (Computer Required) & Gadget II (USB to 2-DMX Output).

Starting At $75 per week!

Hog Full Boar 4

Hog Full Boar 4

A console capable of delivering everything from a local theatre show to a stadium gig! All the power of the Hog 4 in a more compact package, with sleek lines, raked screens and familiar layout. Like it’s predecessor it allows for total expansion enabling you to create, manage, edit and playback all types of shows. The Full Boar 4 comes packed with the latest hardware features - 10 point multi touch, motorized faders, solid state HDD to name a few.

Starting At $400 per week!

Road Hog 4

Road Hog 4

The Road Hog 4 is unparalleled in the industry. Allowing full expansion in a compact package not only does this Hog pack an enormous punch but it is also the most affordable Hog console in a generation! The programming interface remains familiar with the minutest of changes to allow for the compact chassis allowing the user to transition across the whole range without sacrificing work flow.

Starting At $300 per week!

Lighting Fixture Rentals

ETC Source Four Leko

ETC Source Four

No other light offers such optical brilliance. Source Four's revolutionary technology gives you a clean white beam for unequaled imaging, crisp pattern projection, and a bright, even field. The EDLT lens tube option for 19º, 26º, 36º and 50º field angles makes the Source Four even better for ultra-crisp, high-contrast gobo projections.

Rental Package Includes: Leko with Requested Barrel (19, 26, 36 or 50 degree), Safety Cable & Gel Frame

Rent Our Source Four Lekos Starting At $16 per week!

American DJ 500 watt & Altman 1K Par Cans

Altman Par 56

Altman PARs are highly flexible luminaires designed for diverse applications. Intensities and beam spread are a function of the installed light source, so any one unit canserve multiple purposes simply by changing the lamp type. PAR64 Fixture Type:The smaller size of the PAR56 reduces installation hassles, while the PAR64’s optional PAR56/64 adapter ring gives the fixture great versatility.

Rental Package Includes: Fixture with MFL lamp (other lamps subject to availability), Safety Cable & Gel Frame

Rent Our Par Cans Starting At $12 per week!

Moving Lights Rentals

Varilite 3000 Spot

Varilite 3000 Spot

The VARI*LITE VL3000 Spot luminaire features a 6:1 zoom optics, CYM color mixing, variable CTO color temperature correction, a six-position color wheel, three gobo/effects wheels, a beam size iris and separate dimmer and ultra-fast strobe mechanisms. A standard pallet of gobos, effects and colors is provided with the unit. Custom gobos, effects and color are available.

Rent Our VL 3000 Spots Starting At $250 per week!

Varilite 2500 Spot

Varilite 2500 Spot

The VL2500 Spot luminaire comes complete with all of the qualities and options designers love from the original Series 2000 fixtures. It is still small, lightweight, and fast with a 700-watt shortarc lamp, impressive lumen output, and a zoom range from 18.5° to 42°.

Rent Our VL 2500 Spots Starting At $175 per week!

Varilite 2500 Wash

Varilite 2500 Wash

The VL2500 Wash luminaire is equipped with the same features and characteristics that make the original Series 2000 fixtures so useful. It is still small, lightweight, and fast with a 700-watt short-arc lamp, impressive lumen output, and a zoom range from 14º to 55º. Of course, the VL2500 Wash luminaire still provides three-wheel CYM color mixing. When combined with 11 standard colors on a fixed wheel, the color options are practically limitless.

Rent Our VL 2500 Washes Starting At $150 per week!

LED Fixture Rentals

ColorBlaze 72 LED Strip

ColorBlaze 72

ColorBlaze is a robust, high-performance linear LED fixture for washing large areas with far reaching, rich, saturated colors. With a rugged, extruded aluminum housing, ColorBlaze is designed to withstand the rigors of the touring and rental market. ColorBlaze is an easy-to-use yet powerful solution for theaters, TV studios, concerts, events, casinos, and exhibits.

Rent Our LED Fixtures Starting At $150 per week!

Martin Mac Aura

Martin Mac Aura

The MAC Aura is an award-winning wash light that lighting designers have turned to the world over due to its versatility as a powerful beam and wash luminaire of the highest caliber. The result of out-of-the-box creative thinking, it is the first LED moving head wash light to combine multicolor beam LEDs with a backlight LED array that takes the synthetic look out of LED wash lights.

Rent Our Martin Mac Auras Starting At $150 per week!

Atmospheric Rentals

Ultratec Radiance Hazer

Ultratec Radiance Hazer

Ultratec´s Radiance Haze Machine is the next major advancement in Water Based Haze Technology. Once again, Ultratec is setting new standards that all other haze machines will be measured against. Features include: Built-In DMX that controls both the Haze Output and the Internal Fan. This combination offers excellent Haze Control and Even Dispersion. The Radiance can also be operated by an optional Remote or by utilizing the on board variable settings. Additional features include an IDC removable Power Cable and multiple use Bracket. The Radiance uses the Luminous 7 Haze Fluid which is a proven fluid that offers the best in low consumption and great hang time. It utilizes the various sizes of the Ultratec fluid containers.

Rental Package Includes: Hazer with Road Case. Fluid Can Be Purchased Separately or Billed Based On Usage.

Rent Our Radiance Hazer Starting At $100 per week!

Soft Goods & Draperies Rentals

Muslin Cyclorama

Muslin Cyclorama

A cyclorama, also known as “cyc”, is the largest single piece of scenery in the theatre. It consists of a vertical surface which is used to form the background for a theatrical type setting, usually made of heavy flame retardant fabric drawn tight to achieve a smooth, flat surface. A cyclorama backdrop usually represents the sky or suggests limitless space.

JetMedia has (1) 45ft wide by 25ft tall seamless muslin cyc available for rental. The is bleached white and is flame retardant treated. A weighted chain is sewen into the bottom to help maintain a solid look with no ripples. This package weighs approximately 30lbs in total.

Rental Package Includes: Muslin Cyc in Cotton Storage Bag & Fabric Steamer to Remove Wrinkles.

Rent Our Muslin Cyc Starting At $200 per week!